A Nightingale Electric Detective Agency Novella by Mia V. Moss

Published: July 12th, 2022
ISBN 978-1-63023-065-4

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Marrow Nightingale is a professional pain in the ass. As Electric Blue Moon's only licensed private investigator, she's the one who snoops the closets of the elite who think the laws don't apply to them. But when the son of a wealthy family turns up dead, it's Marrow's closet that everyone is suddenly interested in. That dead playboy in the foyer? It's her adoptive sibling, Rocket Nightingale.

Now, Marrow's dodging gossip columnists who smell blood in the water, renegade corporate IP with minds of their own, and badge-wearing bone-breakers who would love nothing more than to ship her back to the surface.

Which is still on fire, thank you very much.

If Marrow can't catch the killer, this case is going to sink the Nightingale Electric Detective Agency.

Welcome to the city under the sea, an old-money refuge for the environmentally ravaged. Where humanity is trying to forget its past with ink-stained cocktails, designer drugs, and genetic modifications. Where Marrow Nightingale may be the last honest scoundrel.

Mia V. Moss is a speculative fiction author from the Pacific Northwest, now living in the SF Bay area. Her short stories have been published in Cat Ladies of the Apocalypse, StarShipSofa, Galactic Stew, and elsewhere. When she’s not writing, she enjoys running around feral outdoors, DMing tabletop campaigns, mixing cocktails for friends, and admiring her enormous TBR pile. Mai Tais For the Lost is her debut novella.

She can be reached at or on Twitter & Instagram @atomicjackalope.