by Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam

Published: September 13, 2022
ISBN 978-1-63023-066-1


When infamous hot mess vampire Roxanne resurrects her deceased best friends, she’s confronted by a dream-dwelling Guardian of the Underworld, who demands that she replace them in his afterlife with three equally nefarious creatures—or he’ll drag her there instead.

Reunited with Medusa and Mx. Hyde, Roxanne and her macabre girl gang must become monster hunters themselves and fight for the future of their friendship.

Gory, sexy, silly, touching—Glorious Fiends asks who the real monsters are, and if the bonds that we think are solely human are really ours alone. This Hammer-inspired odyssey is a nostalgic trip through ’80s horror tropes—with modern sensibilities.PRAISE

“If Hellraiser and Netflix’s Castlevania hooked up and had a trio of queer poly bad-ass lady babies…. well, hanging out with them probably still wouldn’t be half as fun and scary and exciting as the wild ride that is em>Glorious Fiends.”
—Sam J. Miller, author of The Blade Between and Boys, Beasts, & Men

Glorious Fiends is about accepting your friends for who they are, even if they be liars, murderers, and inconveniently horny. Stufflebeam engages us from the start with monsters at their gory best (or worst, depends), pairing unexpected humor with shocking imagery that will turn your giggle into a shriek.
—Chris Panatier, author of Stringers and The Phlebotomist

“An unapologetically blood-soaked and darkly humorous read.”
—A. C. Wise, author of The Ghost Sequences